About Us


Singapore’s first LIFESTYLE GROOMING BAR in Kemang Village, Jakarta that serves up full hair services and manicures with complimentary drinks. A social place for busy urbanites, Blow+Bar combines hair and nail services with drinks in a chill and relaxing bar environment.

Blow+Bar believes in MULTITASKING. With busy lifestyles, there is hardly time left for errands, let alone pampering. Get a blowout and manicure all at the same time. And being efficient does not mean we skim on the quality of our services and products. We only use the best brands, L’Oréal Professionel and Kerastasé.

Blow+Bar is about being forward with TRENDS, but practical. We believe hair make the look, fabulous hair don’t just give you confidence, it can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. With the success in our Signature Blowouts and Updos winning multiple beauty awards from top magazines in Singapore, we now launch PERMANENT BLOWOUTS. Now you can have that blowout hair you love, everyday.

Blow+Bar, Now a Major Girls Party Venue.
Somehow we have became the #1 venue for girl parties. Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, pre-party parties, come to Blow+Bar and we guarantee you the time of your life with your girlfriends.

Blow+Bar Founders
Blow+Bar was founded with a passion to stepchange the grooming industry. Instead of being something that had to be done, grooming can be something women look forward to and a lot of fun. It is also about giving women what they really want and making their lives more effortless. Slowly but surely, one woman at a time.


Diana Goh, Co-founder of Blow+Bar, brand consultant, biggest foodie ever, & newly married making sense of married life
Ashley Soh, Co-founder of Blow+Bar, mother to two cheeky boys, & beauty junkie with 10 lipsticks in her bag