Permanent Texture


~ Perm ~

Permanent Blowout

The blowout that lasts and lasts. Award winning hair concept that gives you low maintenance, natural looking waves using our new texturizing techniques. Choose from 10 curated looks that lasts up to 6 months.
FROM IDR 2.400.000

Texture Perm

A soft perm that gives volume and style.
FROM IDR 1.050.000

Root Perm

A voluminous boost to your roots.
FROM IDR 700.000

~ Straightening ~

Anti-Frizz Keratin Treatment

An anti-frizz smoothing treatment for natural looking straight hair. Suits all hair types especially damaged and/or frizzy hair
IDR 1.500.000 to IDR 1.900.000

Soft Smoothing

A process that permanently straightens your hair and makes it sleek, shiny and fabulously straight. Most suitable for those who likes silky, straight hair that is low in maintenance.
FROM IDR 1.050.000 to IDR 1.400.000