“The Undone Color” – a new hair color concept by Blow+Bar to get that sun kissed hair!

What is “The Undone Color”?

A new hair color concept by Blow+Bar that combines popular balayage and ombre hair coloring techniques to give you gorgeous and natural hair color as though you were born with it. Balayage and ombre both have their unique features and we thought why not combine the best of both worlds! The end results of The Undone Color is trendy hair color that is customized, chic and low maintenance!

Balayage is a French word that means to sweep or paint. The technique is done in a freehand manner and does not start at the roots. It results in softer looking sun-kissed highlights with less noticeable regrowth lines.

Ombre hair refers to gradual lightening of hair strands, fading from a darker color to a lighter color typically. It results in more obvious segmentation of hair color with more noticeable regrowth lines.

Why did we create The Undone Color?

We recognize that women love to color their hair but often have these concerns:

  • the damage it does to their hair (“bleached hair is bad for my hair!”)
  • the maintenance required (“do i need to retouch it every month?”)
  • is it just a fad (“will i look dated in a month?”)
  • how does colored hair fit into their lifestyle (“im a professional and i cant have crazy colors in my hair”.)

The Undone Color was created to tackle all these concerns. It is customized and bespoke, timeless, low maintenance and above all, natural. Just like how sunkissed hair looks like.

Ombre (1)

How is The Undone Color different from conventional hair coloring?

It is a bespoke service that allows a creation of look that is just for you. Application is done in a freehand manner and it does not start from the roots. What you get is natural finishing instead of uniform highlights. There is also no “hard line” where the color starts like traditional ombre, but instead natural and soft end results.

How is maintenance?

Very little.  It grows out very natural so you don’t get an obvious regrowth line. It is meant to have that sun kissed hair effect so it still looks good with outgrown hair!

Though we recommend color treatment to upkeep the color and maintain softness and shine of hair (which is why we included treatment in our exclusive launch bundle, more details to follow!).

Is it suitable on all hair types/lengths?

Our three Signature Looks works on both light and dark hair. It pretty much works on all hair lengths except very short cropped hair.

For the three Signature looks created for the Undone Color, no bleaching is done (YES you can still do the Permanent Blowout with this color service). So it is also suitable for those that are worried about damaging their hair.

It is also highly recommended for those who did the Permanent Blowout as it brings out curls and waves very nicely!